What's the Time, Mrs Woolf?

Hello Woolves! Our chilly Winter issue is all stapled up and available in our online shop! Our cut-off for orders before Christmas is the 18th of December, so please order quickly if you’d like one before January. (For UK buyers, anything ordered before or on the 18th should also arrive before Christmas.)

Highlights this issue include new contributors, a four-page Lesbian Heroes special, warming Winter recipes and an article by Nel McDonald, whose writing was recently featured on xojane!

Full contents of this chilly issue include:

An exciting cover by Scotland-based artist, Kirsten Bradley Henderson! With overlay by our own Lilywoolf.

Another lovely door picture by regular artist Gem Sheldrake.

Lesbian Heroes has a four-page special for honourable mention Constance Spry, the controversial mother of modern floristry.

Felix the Cat and Friends, a new comic from Meg Guindon.

Sewing Sans Pattern shows you how to make a hedgehog pincushion. A little cliché, but fun and easy to make.

Another festive illustration by regular contributor Clem Tarrant.

Linsensuppe mit Einlage, or lentil soup with frankfurters. A warming Winter soup recipe courtesy of Sarahwoolf’s dad.

Man Logic, a cute and funny comic by new contributor April Nash!

Shunning Sweet-Tooth Shame, a short article by Nel McDonald on the infuriating trend of calling all cakes and sweets ‘naughty’, ‘indulgent’ and ‘sinful’.

The return of Things Sarah Sees, this time on the pavement.

Sammy Borras provides another fantastic Stale Symphony comic!

Poppet the House Hob receives a question about baking for dietary restrictions, and responds with a recipe for gluten-free, vegan flapjacks. Maximum sharing potential!

Last but never least, another festive door picture from Deborah Clerkin.


Many thanks to all our lovely contributors, we hope you’ll enjoy all their hard work!